Choosing The Right Pack

Choosing The Right Pack

Choosing The Right Pack

How Do I Know Which Household Pack to Order?

The Termi-Mite household packs reflect the average number of bait stations needed to protect that particular style of house from termites if you were to follow my advice on the best positioning to do this, which also tallies with the recommendations under the Australian Standards 3006.2. For instance my house is a 4-5 bedroom highset (that’s the Queensland term for a 2 storey house). I have measured the perimeters of many of these types of houses. Including clearing pathways, the driveway and a deck so the traps can be buried in the lawn or garden gives me a perimeter measurement of 54 metres which is average for this style of house. This is then divided by an average of 3 metre spacings between the traps which means I need 18 traps to get around the whole house.

That is why when you click on this pack on the side bar to the left of where you are now reading it has 14 Termite Coffins and 4 WAM’s for the tight spots making 18 termite bait stations.

A regular 3 bedroom single storey (lowset in Queensland) averages 60 metres needing 20 traps:- 16 Termite Coffins and 4 WAM’s etc.
So you look up your house in the household packs on the left hand side-bar, click on it and you will be taken to a page which will tell you exactly what comes with that particular pack. This will also tell you what perimeter metreage each pack will cover. It doesn't take long to measure around your house just to be sure. Once you have decided which pack you need, to order, simply click on the "buy now" button which will put the kit in your shopping cart. Or you can order direct by contacting our office on (07)35111631.

Starter Packs

The starter packs are there for several reasons. Firstly so you can break up the cost of protecting the whole house by doing it in stages. You would target the wettest areas first such as outside the bathroom, toilet or laundry. Secondly you would target near air conditioners and water tanks or any areas where drainage isn't good and the ground stays damp after heavy rain. These are the areas termites are often drawn to because of the all important moisture supply for them.
You can then fill in the gaps later when your budget can afford more bait stations.

Secondly you can target areas you know have termite activity. Around trees, stumps, near retaining walls etc. It's not a strategy I recommend unless you are doing this on top of protecting the house. You might get lucky and target the right termites, remember there are many varieties that you can find in your yard earting wet or decaying timber but aren't aggressive enough to attack your house. Only a handful of varieties are responsible for nearly all damage to houses so while your'e concentrating on the ones you can see in your yard, the real nasties, in particular Coptotermes and Schedorhino's can be sneaking in under the front door.

Thirdly you may simply want to protect smaller buildings such as granny flats or sheds.

The starter packs are also a great way to increase any existing systems you already have in place. Please feel free to contact me direct if you need advice.

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