Some Major Benefits of the Termi-Mite Monitoring and Treatment System

  1. Termi-Mite is the world’s most effective termite monitoring and treatment system on market.
  2. Dead Easy Do It Yourself
  3. Environmentally Friendly, Only harmful to Termites.
  4. Will not fill up with soil, worms, spiders, ants or other insects.
  5. Only Termites can eat their way into the Stations.
  6. May well Save Your Home!
  7. You own the system (some companies will only rent you their system)
  8. No installation Fees.
  9. No ongoing monitoring fees (we can do this for you at a cost,but its so easy for you to do it yourself)
  10. Full Instructions and Log sheets and plenty of Helpful Advice if you need it.
  11. Save Big $$$$’s on other less effective systems. (Termi-Mite Stations Represent the Best Value System in Australia)
  12. Completely Australian Made and owned.
  13. No disturbance of the termites
  14. Proven performance over more than a decade

How long does the Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Treatment Station Last?

The actual housing will last a lifetime. The only parts that needs replacing are the inner workings after a termite attack and the treatment phase. This only costs $24.95 per unit. In our experience it is very rare for more than 2 or 3 of the stations to be attacked at any one time and once a large colony has been eliminated it can be many years before another colony of the threatening species comes visiting your property so maintaining your Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Baiting System is not expensive at all especially compared with the thousands of $$$ other systems will charge you.

How much Can I Do Myself?

While we can provide installation and, or a monitoring service for those that are age or health impaired, or just too busy, the Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Treatment System was designed for Dead Easy DIY Termite Control, to reduce the high cost of installation and annual monitoring of virtually all other systems. How hard do you think it would be to dig a few holes and check every month for Termite Activity?

How Many Termi-Mite Termite Monitoring and Treatment Stations Do I Need?

You can try to target termites in your yard by placing stations randomly in your gardens etc. or where youhave seen termite activity, which you could do with as litytle as 6 stations. This is what we call Russian Roulette as it is very hit and miss.

The “Termite Coffins and the “WAMs” should ideally be placed 2.5 to 3mtrs max apart around your entire house or the building you want to protect. The  termite stations can be placed in  the lawn or the garden starting from no nearer than .5m to 1metre out from the base of the building and as far out as it takes to clear solid concrete or paving, paths, patios or driveways. This also represents the recommendation of the AS 3006.2 regarding baiting systems in new or existing homes.

I find the easiest way is to walk around your house and by pacing out or using a measuring tape, calculate the distance in lineal metres. Divide this by 2.5 or 3 metres and the answer is how many stations you need.

The average 2 bedroom home single story (lowset) or 3 bedroom 2 story (highset) 100sq m (building size only, not the yard) will only require the 16 units which come as our standard kit. Naturally, the more Termi-Mite termite stations you put in, the more protection you get.

Larger, 4 bedroom lowsets (single storey) and 5 bedroom high sets (2 or more storeys) need 21 to 25 stations (see sprawling mansions need 32 (2 kits).

If you buy less than it needs to cover the whole perimeter of the house, the most important thing is to put the Termite Coffins and WAM’s in what you know to be the WETTEST areas. I will hold the pack discounts for 12 months for you if you want to split the cost by getting what you can as you can afford it.

I’ve emphasised this as termites cannot live without moisture and they follow moisture trails hoping to detect food along the way. Adjacent to air conditioners, leaky taps and gulley traps, where storm water and sewerage pipes enter the house, outside bathrooms and laundries and anywhere you know stays boggy or damp after decent rains are the perfect places to put your Termi-Mite Termite Stations.

I have measured around hundreds of houses and buildings and have taken an average of the perimeter measutement of all the different sizes and styles of both modern and older homes. The Hosehold Packs we have put together represent the average number of stations needed for each one. You’d be surprised how accurate they are. You will find them listed on the top of the left hand side bar on any page in this website.

Email or fax us a rough plan of the property and buildings we will mark in the number you will need and the best positions for your Termi-Mite Stations and send it back to you, no charge.

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