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How do I Monitor for Termite Activity

Is DIY Monitoring for Termite Activity Easy?

Inspecting a Termite-Coffin baitInspecting a WAM bait

DIY Termite monitoring in the Termi-Mite System couldn’t be any simpler and it’s all in the instructions. Record your installation date on the log sheet we provide you with. On the back of the log sheet is a grid which you can sketch your house and yard on and mark and number the positions of your Termi-mite termite stations. About three weeks after you have installed your stations, all you have to do is fold back the grass (if it’s in the lawn) or brush back the leaves and mulch (if it’s in the garden).

Simply clear enough dirt or mulch so you can remove the cap of the central tube to see if there is any termite mud build up in the chamber. You will see termites on the pine rod if they have only just arrived there but if they have been there a few days they will have surrounded themselves with mud to control the humidity and temperature.

If you see mud or working termites, immediately replace the cap. If not simply replace the cap and cover the large cap with earth or mulch again. If there is activity in the central chamber in any of the stations you know that the termite numbers have reached the point where effective treatment can be administered without disturbing the termites.

The termites have to eat all the way through the main core of the outer chamber to reach the piece of timber in the central chamber. By this time the chamber will be full of termites. Thus you are assured of amassing large numbers of termites inside your Termi-Mite station.

To check the “WAM” station simply clear the small round clear window of dirt, mulch or grass. The window normally has a condensation build up under it. If this is the case there is no activity. However when the termites reach the window they will absorb the moisture and block it off with mud from the inside to re-insulate themselves. If you see a mud build up under the window you know this WAM station is active

We recommend that you check your Termi-Mite Monitoring and Treatment Stations once a month. We will send you an e-mail reminder so you don’t forget. You can also get free advice at any time through our head office team.

What Happens Next?

If you have found active termites on the monitoring rod you have now reached the termite treatment phase. Up until recently it has been illegal for you to buy or administer any of the modern effective termiticides without a pest control license. Some of them do take a lot of training and practice to know how to mix and apply the termiticide.

The good news is that you can now purchase one of the main termite treatment chemicals. In fact it is the same one that the main commercial franchise baiting systems use. It was always harmless to humans and pets and easy to apply but was only available to the pest control industry. Now you can buy it and administer it yourself. It’s really easy. Full instructions come with the treatment. As it’s better to buy the chemical  in fresh when you find activity, a mail order form with all the details is supplied with the Owner’s Manual supplied with every Termi-Mite Kit. We will post out to anywhere in Australia and in most cases it will arrive in 1-2 days. If you want to know more contact me via the Termi-Mite Brisbane Office.

If you would prefer to call in a licensed professional of course you can, but dont be afraid to do it yourself. It’s easy and works out a lot cheaper in the end. Calling a pest controller normally requires having your fingers crossed as you never know if the local pest controller is well trained, or how much they will charge. We take all the fear out of this process by putting you onto someone we know will do the job well and for a fair price. To do this you simply contact us at the Termi-Mite Brisane Office (07)35111631 and talk to Graham. In Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast we have our own people.

Follow the link to “Treatment” to see what the procedure involves!

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