Thank you Graham for your excellent serviceĀ 

April 13, 2022

You installed the Termite baits for us at our property at The Gap about 2 years ago.
Even though we had been convinced how well your system worked, we had been a little sceptical about whether we could successfully do the necessary monitoring etc. of the baits ourselves.
Once we had the plan drawn up of where the baits were though it was easy, it takes us about 12 minutes once a month to check the lot.
We found termites in 2 of the baits a couple of months ago, ordered in and used  the treatment as recommended and 2 months later there is no sign of termites anywhere.
Your ready advice and the info on your web page was very reassuring and we now know that we can easily maintain the termite system and treat it successfully when we need to.

We can recommend your DIY termite bait system to everyone.

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