The Next Step

The Next Step

The Next Step

The time it takes to transfer the termiticide right throughout the colony to the queen is directly relative to how far away the nest is and how old and large the colony is.
Termite nests can be as close as under your patio slab or as far away as 70 metres off your property, under a tree. A young established colony comprises about 100,000 members. An old colony can number from 1 to 3 million.

That’s why systems like this are so necessary. Unless you are really lucky and the nest location is obvious (very rare), there is no way to know where it is. You need the termites to take the termiticide back to the nest for you.

When Do I Order a Replacement Kit?

As described on the treatment page you leave the stations alone after treatment for 6-8 weeks to see if the activity has stopped and if necessary, add more treatment.

When you see that the treatment has been successful, (there will be no more termites in the stations) simply hop on this web site or e-mail, ring, fax or write to this office and order a replacement kit which comes complete with a new corrugated cardboard inner, a new bottle of the activator solution which you pour into the central chamber and a new monitoring stick for the I.D (central) chamber. The WAM’s will be virtually eaten out so just order them singularly at the same time.

How do I fit the Replacement Kit?

When the kit arrives dig around the top of the station to expose the top cap (about 40mm) Remove the retaining pin and gently wriggle off the top cap over the central tube.
to expose the corrugated cardboard.

  1. Remove the central tube and what’s left of the chewed up pine rod and the corrugated cardboard in the outer chamber.
  2. Give the inside of outer chamber a quick wipe with a clean rag.
  3. Wrap the new cardboard around the central tube and slide it into the chamber then wriggle the big cap over the central tube.
  4. Put the new pine rod into the central chamber and put the cap back on.
  5. Cover the outer chamber cap with earth or mulch to level with the top of the central tube cap.  Mix the bottle of activator solution with water and pour some around the outer rim into the soil and and your Termi-Mite Termite MonitoringTreatment System will then be ready for any future termite invasions. There’s more detail on the supplied instructions.

With the WAM’s just remove any timber still left in the ground and replace it with a new one in the same hole. Pour about 1/2 to 1 litre of the mixed activator solution into the earth around the outside rim of the WAM (White Ant Monitor) and its ready.

Once the colony is dead you have no fear of another termite invasion for quite some time as the warning pheromones will have been laid in the area. We have not personally seen another colony on a cleared property within a year to dateand that’s pretty rare. In most cases it can be many years.

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