Why Do it Yourself?

Why DIY?

DIY Termite detection and prevention system

If you browse the internet on pest control sites you'll find warnings against trying  "Do it Yourself" termite treatment. If we are talking about installing chemical barriers or internal treatment of infestations I couldn't agree more. You need someone who really kows what they're doing and you need a license.

Termite Baiting systems (Termite Baits) on the other hand don't require any great expertise to instal or monitor, just good advice on placement of the stations and instructions on how to maintain them. Most of the enormous cost associated with commercial termite baiting systems comes from installation (they wont let you do your own installation) and an annual termite monitoring and treatment fee. This is purely due to corporate franchise fees and agreements.

One of the most common complaints we hear is that the paid termite monitoring service tends to drop off, especially in the second year, particularly if you are lucky enough to have no major termite activity that year (the termites will turn up but not always straight away) and customers very quickly get sick of paying between $900.00 and $1,200.00 per year and cancel the service. This is a task you can do quickly and easily yourself and you'll do a much better job because it's your house you'll be saving from termite attack..

Whilst Termi-Mite offers installation of our termite baits for those who can’t physically do it themselves, are too busy or are well off enough to pay someone else, we figure, if you can bury a plant, you can dig these in yourself. It’s dead easy. We will even advise you as to their best positioning. In fact our advice is free when ever you need it.

As the Termi-Mite Monitoring and Treatment System is designed for really easy DIY termite monitoring (you don’t have to be Einstein to monitor your Termi-Mite system) you will not only save the huge annual fees but will always know if termites are about. We give you log sheets, a positioning grid map and easy to follow step by step pictorial instructions. We even send you monthly e-mail reminders so you don’t forget to check for termites and it only takes 10-15 minutes per month..

For the first time ever, you can even buy one of the main termiticides (termite treatment chemicals) called Chlorfluazuron, used by the large franchise systems and do your own termite treatment to the bait stations and its harmless to you, the family and your pets and extremely easy to mix and apply..

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