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Termi-Mite DIY Termite Monitoring and Treatment System

Have you visited this site because you’re worried about the likelihood of Subterranean Termites attacking your home?....... Don’t feel alone ....Termites attack one in every three homes in Australia every year. That’s a frightening statistic.

The damage caused by termite infestations annually runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. Latest figures put it at $910,000,000 .... that's higher than the damage bill for all the fires, floods and storms put together.

Interestingly Brick and Steel Framed Homes are just as susceptible, if not more, to white ant (termite) damage due to the moisture traps under the slab and termite access to weep holes in brickwork and foundation gaps.

So the question isn’t “Should I do something to protect my home from Termites?” but:

“What is the best Termite Control Method I can use to Prevent Termite Damage before it occurs?”

Due to the fact that all the “heavy” chemical treatments like dieldrin and heptachlor, which would help to ward off termites for about 30 years, were banned about 16 years ago, and add to this the shift away from homes being set on raised stumps to floating slabs ......  termites or white ants as they are commonly known, just love all that concrete ......  the incidence of termite attack on homes has skyrocketed. This has seen a flood of Termite prevention methods on the market, produced by major chemical companies and Pest Control companies alike.

Governments and councils have made termite prevention like termite proofing of concrete slabs and barrier protection mandatory for new buildings and renovations and yet still those pesky termites are finding ways to get around the barriers.

There are many different forms of modern termite control but Termite Monitoring and Treatment systems or termite baits as they are more commonly known are heavily recommended by all relevant authorities as to the first line of defense, even if you already have a physical or chemical barrier installed.

Termi-Mite has developed a fully Australian-made and designed DIY Termite Baiting system that makes DIY termite treatment easy and not only works brilliantly but due to the negligible maintenance costs, over a 5 to ten year period, is incredibly cost-effective. On top of that the Termi-Mite Termite Baits will save you thousands of $$$ in termite monitoring and treatment fees nearly all other systems incur and there are no contracts.

Check what our Clients have to say

April 13, 2022

I have had your Termi-Mite baiting system in for about 4 years and have been diligently  checking and recording all of the results. About 3 months ago we found termites on a couple of the sticks, applied the chemical and we have seen no sign of termites anywhere since.
My replacement parts to redo the baits arrived in the post this morning so we're good to go again.
Thanks for the good service and the peace of mind.

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